67 dingen die ik had willen weten toen ik 18 was

Gisteren las ik hier een leuk – en herkenbaar! – artikel over 67 dingen die ik graag had willen weten toen ik 18 was. Of wellicht wist ik die dingen al wel, maar hadden ze best nog wat vaker gezegd mogen worden. De dik gedrukte dingen zou ik graag met de kennis van nu tegen mijn 18-jarige ik willen zeggen. Welke zijn voor jou herkenbaar?

1. Boys will break your heart. Let them. Learn from it.
2. It’s so easy to become jaded, but don’t let it happen to you. Fight it.
3. Stand firm in your beliefs.
4. Love yourself. Sometimes you’re all you have.
5. Cherish the little things.
6. Order pizza at 3am on a Tuesday. It won’t kill you.
7. It’s okay to laugh at yourself. Embrace the imperfections.
8. You are the rule, not the exception. Life will be so much easier if you accept this now.
9. Make mistakes. If you learn from them, they won’t be in vain.
10. He’s lying, there is no fish tank. Go anyway.
11. Classes can be retaken. Life cannot.
12. Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.
13. The world is full of cynics – don’t become one.
14. Stop calling him. Stop texting him. If he wanted you, he’d be there.
15. Apologize when you’re wrong. Just suck up your pride and do it.
16. Bellybutton piercings are a bad idea. As are tattoos.
17. No one is perfect. Stop being so hard on yourself.
18. Hug your friends. Cherish them. Hold them tight.
19. Laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh.
20. Step outside your comfort zone.
21. Order a glass of water with every drink. It’s not lame. It’s smart.
22. A bad hair day really won’t kill you.
23. Dancing on tables should be reserved for special occasions, like birthdays and Thursday nights.
24. Don’t dumb yourself down for a boy.
25. Ignorance is not bliss. Study. Work hard.
26. Life is hard. Accept this and move on.
27. Don’t sweat the small stuff, but do sweat at the gym. Your health is your everything.
28. Tell your parents you love them every chance you get.
29. Stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks.
30. Forgive. Life is too short to be angry.
31. You are destined to be more than just someone’s wife. Act like it.
32. People will hurt you. Don’t stoop to their level.
33. Read a newspaper.
34. Sometimes the only person that you can rely on is yourself.
35. It’s okay if your thighs touch and your tummy isn’t perfectly toned. You’re still beautiful.
36. Don’t let your happiness depend on another person.
37. Push yourself. You’d be amazed at what you’re capable of.
38. Smile through the tears.
39. Don’t slut shame. Girls have it hard enough – don’t turn on one another.
40. It’s okay to ask for help.
41. He’ll never change. Let him go.
42. Trust your instincts.
43. Worrying causes wrinkles and Botox is expensive. Calm down.
44. Take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.
45. Love with everything you have.
46. Put down your phone and look around. Life is happening.
47. Stand up for yourself.
48. Confidence is everything.
49. Wash your makeup off at night. Seriously. Do it.
50. There are bad people in this world. Don’t be one of them.
51. Be honest with yourself.
52. Be honest with others.
53. You never need that last shot of vodka, but have it anyway.
54. There is a man out there who will not make you cry. Wait for him.
55. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
56. Your success will not be handed to you. Work for it.
57. Don’t waste money on expensive mascaras. Great Lash by Maybelline will always be the best.
58. Give back.
59. He does not define your self-worth. Stop letting him.
60. Life is uncertain. Tomorrow is not guaranteed; don’t take it for granted.
61. Your faith in everything you know will be tested. Push forward.
62. Be carefree, not careless.
63. It’s okay to cry.
64. You will fall, both literally and figuratively. Get back up.
65. Tequila is a bad idea, as is getting back together with an ex.
66. Fad diets never work.
67. Be gracious in all that you do.

20 Comments on “67 dingen die ik had willen weten toen ik 18 was”

  1. This makes me smile! En, het doet me realiseren dat ik een goed besluit genomen heb om te gaan leven in plaats van werken!

  2. Ik zit op dit moment in een gigantische dip waarbij ik niet echt het vooruitzicht heb dat dit snel over gaat maar sommige puntjes brengen toch een lach op mijn gezicht. Ik heb zoveel mensen om me heen die van mij houden en een geweldige vriend die 24/7 voor me klaar staat, ookal ben ik nu niet te genieten. Dat soort kleine puntjes doen me beseffen dat ik zoveel geluk heb maar het is moeilijk om er nu van te genieten.. Ik hoop dat ik over een tijdje weer heel veel van deze puntjes kan herkennen!

  3. Oh er zijn er best wel een aantal herkenbaar! Zoals die van uit je comfortzone stappen en niet zoveel geven om meningen van anderen. Ondertussen weet ik het, maar die moet ik nog steeds wel eens voor mezelf herhalen.

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